common-ltc-questions1A review process could be very time consuming if you have to personally meet with multiple local agents coming to your house, since most just carry a few insurance companies, by having to sit thru hours and hours of hard sell. Fortunately with Long Term Care USA we make it very easy, because we carry all the major “blue chip” Long Term Care Insurance companies, and we will not give you biased answers as many local agents will try to steer you toward the product line that they carry. We will just mail you the information to research in the comfort of your own home, hassle free.

You may have questions to ask. Here are the common questions we receive regarding Long Term Care

What are the different types of Long Term Care services?

    1. COMMON LTC QUESTIONS2Adult Day Care: is a day care facility just for adults. It can be just a day or two a week or all week and can also be used to give caretakers a break during the day. Frequently you will see elderly married couples, where one of the partners has Alzheimer’s dropped off at the day care so that the other can go shopping.
    2. Senior Housing: is typically a large or small apartment complex specifically for seniors who are independent and who can take care of themselves. This housing is typically handicapped accessible throughout and may have group activities and provide group transportation.
    3. Assisted Living: is where you still live independently typically with a private room in a large facility, but you have your meals prepared for you, and you may need help with activities of daily living. The staff members may assist residents with mobility, bathing, dressing, and dispensing of medications. Many assisted living faculties have on site recreation like bingo in their group dining halls and some have barber and beauty shops.
    4. Nursing Homes: are for people who cannot take care of themselves and may also need medical attention, such as respiration therapy, physical therapy and kidney dialysis. They also provide full time help with the activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing if needed. Some of the nursing home provide all the levels of nursing care under one roof, such as custodial, intermediate, and skilled care (for medically impaired people) along with Alzheimer’s care.
    5. Home Health Care: can be the same type of care as a nursing home would provide but in the comfort of your own home. It is usually custodial or intermediate, but it also can provide skilled care services, such as physical therapy. Usually health care workers will provide help with mobility, eating, dressing, bathing, and continence. Many long term care policies also pay for housekeeping, shopping and preparing meals.


Questions to ask about the facility you are considering if your spouse/family member needs help with everyday activities

  • COMMON LTC QUESTIONS3What level of care do they need, custodial, intermediate, or skilled care?
  • How will they be paying for the care?
  • Do you need a facility that will accept both Medicare and Medicaid patients? (In case your loved becomes indigent, they will not have to move).
  • Would your spouse or family member prefer a small facility or a convenient location?
  • Would your spouse or family member prefer a private room and is a private room available?
  • Is the facility safe?
  • Is the facility clean and kept odorless?
  • Does the staff seem friendly and helpful?
  • Do the residents there seem happy?
  • Are the public areas of the building well furnished, warm and comfortable?
  • Are the individual rooms clean and comfortable?
  • Is there physical therapy or an exercise room?
  • Are there a lot of activities for the residents of the facility?
  • What if the resident wants a snack in the middle of the night?
  • Can the resident choose when to get up in the morning and go to bed at night, or are there curfews?
  • What are the visiting hours for family and friends?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents, and are there enough caregivers on the staff?

Some people may think that Medicaid covers the tremendous cost of long term care which can average $80,000 a year, and in some areas of the country substantially more.  Others may think that their health insurance will cover the cost of these services, especially when an accident or an injury occurred. Unfortunately, these services are not considered medical by Medicaid and health insurance, and are not covered. Medicaid will cover these services, but you have to spend just about all of your assets first to qualify. It is important to plan ahead for these important services.

COMMON LTC QUESTIONS4Most Americans are not familiar with Long Term Care Insurance and what it pays for. Even though it is expensive and may cost around $1000  to $3000 and over a year, it is just pennies on the dollar compared with the possibility that you will have to deplete all of your savings to pay $80,000 a year for a nursing home care.

Long Term Care USA can help you with all the information you need in “one-stop” to advise you every step of the way, by comparing  the cost all the top “blue chip” LTC companies policies that are within your specific budget, and understand all the confusing “options” and “riders” which are usually specific to each company, at no charge.

If you wait to purchase Long Term Care Insurance, it may be too late, because you must be relatively healthy to qualify for a policy. Most financially smart people know that even though these policies can be expensive, they are cheap compared to paying out $80,000 a year. However the fact is that many people do not plan ahead and when they need care, it is too late and they have to spend their lifetime hard earned savings for just a few years in a nursing home and end up on Welfare.

Long Term Care USA can mail you the most complete and comprehensive choice of all the “blue chip” companies that will instantly show you a side by side comparison and easy to understand information to give you all the information you need to become an intelligent buyer in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Just click on “FREE QUOTE NOW” button below.

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