LTC STATE PARTNERSHIP1The Long Term Care Insurance Partnership program is a partnership between your state government and private insurance companies. Insurance companies voluntarily agree to participate by offering Long Term Care Insurance policies that meet specified criteria. The state agrees to provide Medicaid asset protection to people who purchase partnership qualified policies, so you won’t have to become indigent, and can protect your spouse and your children

A Long Term Care Partnership doesn’t cost an extra penny!

The good news is that there is no additional cost for a Long Term Care Partnership benefits. Partnership policies vary from state to state, however they typically require a minimum benefit period and include inflation protection, but these are already included on any good Long Term Care Policy. In the majority of the states there is no daily minimum benefit requirement, with the exception of California, Connecticut, Indiana, New York and Massachusetts.

How do I know if my policy is an approved Partnership Plan?

Your Long Term Care Associates agent can inform you of all the details of the Partnership policies and what states in which they are accepted. In general the policy must be state approved and have either compound or simple inflation protection, depending upon your age.

How does the Partnerhsip policy protect my assets?

The great feature about Partnership policies is that your asset protection is based on the amount that your LTC policy pays, not the much smaller amount you pay for the policy. For example, if you purchased a policy for $1500 yearly that pays out $378,000 in 20 years for your nursing home care. Then you can keep one dollar of personal assets for each dollar your long term care insurance policy pays you in benefits, in this case $378,000!

Why do the states sponsor Partnership poliies?

LTC STATE PARTNERSHIP2Your state wants to encourage people to buy Long Term Care Insurance so that the states will not have exhaust their funds to take care of indigent citizens, and they are willing to provide a powerful incentive for you to purchase LTC policies. These Partnership policies are accepted in the vast majority of states.

The Long Term Care Insurance Partnership plans are very effective way to protect your hard earned assets so they can be passed on to your loved ones, since 75% of people who are single will spend their entire life savings in a nursing home within the1st year. Just click the button below, to fill out simple form, and we will mail you all the information you need in the privacy of your own home that will provide you peace of mind knowing you can protect your loved ones.

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